Maneuvering The Monarch.

I've been trying to figure out how to successfully maneuver my latest review assignment from Eden for the past few days.. but The Monarch "hands-free" dildo has proved to be not so hands-free, after all. It keeps sliding away from me when I attempt to hold it between my thighs, as the package instructed me to do. So far it seems more like a thigh workout than a sex toy. When it actually goes in.. which is far and few between (and usually forced by my hands).. it feels great. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've tried it sitting up, laying down, and in the shower. The shower turned out to be a horrible idea.. adding water to the already slippery equation didn't help at all.

There must be a way.. any ideas?


Ang said...

Take advantage of the opportunity to perform some rope bondage with yourself and the Monarch?

I dunno...

PantheraPardus said...

A pillow? :) Don't laugh, it could work. Won't be the absolute sexiest of looks, but it'd hold that puppy where you want it. ;)