An Interview With Essin' Em.

Curious to learn more about one of my favorite sex bloggers, Essin' Em, I devised a short interview with her via e-mail. She provided witty and interesting answers.. as well as some great advice for new bloggers!

Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and interests?

Strengths: I am outgoing, caring, awkward, amusing, silly, intelligent, quirky, unique, fun, a good writer, a quick learner, empathic. Weaknesses: I put too much emotion into things, I'm intense, I'm slightly OCD. Interests: Roller derby, sexuality, gender, orientation, gender and trans rights, sex worker awareness, the porn industry, sex toys, mysteries, British comedy, loose tea.

When did you begin blogging about sex, and what was your reason for doing so?

October 2006. I first started just posting up my sex tips columns from HotMoviesForHer, and then I realized that I had interesting things to say about sex too, and that there weren't any other bloggers out there *quite* like me. So I started writing more of my thoughts and experiences, and news in the field of sexuality...it's become a great way for me to process, and get feedback about certain situations.

You've received many toys for reviewing, etc. Which one would you say is your favorite? Why?

Hitachi Magic Wand is my favorite vibe, hands down, the runner up being the Gigi by Lelo. The Hitachi is just powerful and amazing, and the Gigi is perfectly shaped, and has a great variety of vibrations. My favorite dildo is the Wooden Dual Use S-Shape (Nob Essence) and the runner up is the Pure Wand (Njoy). They're both amazingly shaped, and I'm in love with creative materials. Other toys I love are the Afterglow Massage Candle from Babeland, adjustable nipple clamps, my red and black flogger (MT Toys) and clothespins :) Oh! And the liberator throe is genius!

Is there any advice you would like to share with those new to the world of sex blogging, such as myself?

I'd say try to forget about the people reading; blog for yourself, at all times. When you start blogging for others, things change. Blog everyday. Try to get posts ready to go up in advance, so you're not sitting there at midnight every night. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

It's been a pleasure interviewing you. Thanks, Essin' Em!

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