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Working full-time 3rd shift
is not fun in the least bit.

I really need to get laid.



My Girlfriend..

.. looks amazing wearing the Jaguar.
[Actually, she always looks amazing,
regardless of what she is or isn't wearing.]

And she's coming here on Wednesday.
[Pun may have been slightly intended.]

So excited.



Happy Half-Naked Thursday!

Months ago.. when I was still living in Richmond.
I miss the city.
[.. and my long hair.]


The Obligatory Tegan And Sara Post.

I'll be at their show in Philly on October 3rd.. seeing them for the.. fifth time. I can't wait.. ahhh.. Tegan and Sara.. the things I'd like to do.. ;-)


Maneuvering The Monarch.

I've been trying to figure out how to successfully maneuver my latest review assignment from Eden for the past few days.. but The Monarch "hands-free" dildo has proved to be not so hands-free, after all. It keeps sliding away from me when I attempt to hold it between my thighs, as the package instructed me to do. So far it seems more like a thigh workout than a sex toy. When it actually goes in.. which is far and few between (and usually forced by my hands).. it feels great. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've tried it sitting up, laying down, and in the shower. The shower turned out to be a horrible idea.. adding water to the already slippery equation didn't help at all.

There must be a way.. any ideas?

An Interview With Essin' Em.

Curious to learn more about one of my favorite sex bloggers, Essin' Em, I devised a short interview with her via e-mail. She provided witty and interesting answers.. as well as some great advice for new bloggers!

Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and interests?

Strengths: I am outgoing, caring, awkward, amusing, silly, intelligent, quirky, unique, fun, a good writer, a quick learner, empathic. Weaknesses: I put too much emotion into things, I'm intense, I'm slightly OCD. Interests: Roller derby, sexuality, gender, orientation, gender and trans rights, sex worker awareness, the porn industry, sex toys, mysteries, British comedy, loose tea.

When did you begin blogging about sex, and what was your reason for doing so?

October 2006. I first started just posting up my sex tips columns from HotMoviesForHer, and then I realized that I had interesting things to say about sex too, and that there weren't any other bloggers out there *quite* like me. So I started writing more of my thoughts and experiences, and news in the field of sexuality...it's become a great way for me to process, and get feedback about certain situations.

You've received many toys for reviewing, etc. Which one would you say is your favorite? Why?

Hitachi Magic Wand is my favorite vibe, hands down, the runner up being the Gigi by Lelo. The Hitachi is just powerful and amazing, and the Gigi is perfectly shaped, and has a great variety of vibrations. My favorite dildo is the Wooden Dual Use S-Shape (Nob Essence) and the runner up is the Pure Wand (Njoy). They're both amazingly shaped, and I'm in love with creative materials. Other toys I love are the Afterglow Massage Candle from Babeland, adjustable nipple clamps, my red and black flogger (MT Toys) and clothespins :) Oh! And the liberator throe is genius!

Is there any advice you would like to share with those new to the world of sex blogging, such as myself?

I'd say try to forget about the people reading; blog for yourself, at all times. When you start blogging for others, things change. Blog everyday. Try to get posts ready to go up in advance, so you're not sitting there at midnight every night. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

It's been a pleasure interviewing you. Thanks, Essin' Em!



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Investigating Arousal Lubes.

Cock Wrangler, of EdenFantasys blog, has made an interesting plan to investigate the mystifying workings of five top arousal lubes..

"Warming, cooling, tingling, enhancing, sensitizing, lasting… when I read about any of the wealth of arousal lubes on the market these days, I end up more confused than anything else. How do they do what they do? And how do they do all these things at once? How does something warm, then cool, or cool, then warm? In pursuit of answers, I investigated the makings of Eden’s most popular arousal lubes, and then went for help. Five bloggers - Ansley Agnello, Baby Sinead, Persephone, ~Storm, and Thursday’s Child - will put five lubes through stringent testing, rate them each, and choose the best.." Read the rest of the post here.

Keep an eye out for more information regarding this project.. I can't wait to begin testing!

Provocative Playlist: Ladytron.

  1. Sugar
  2. Black Plastic
  3. Playgirl
  4. He Took Her To A Movie
  5. Seventeen
* You may now securely download each song from my Box.net folder! Just follow the link and choose download. [Make sure you grab last week's Playlist feat. Goldfrapp, too!]


Storage Solutions.

All of these toys are rather large, especially the Share double-ended dildo, but they fit nicely inside my brand new FYN 12" case. As for my 5" cases, I've found that they are a very convenient way to store smaller items such as lube packets, bullet vibes, and even my We-Vibe. They also keep aspirin and other small necessities safe within my purse. Thanks, FYN!

Save 10% by entering TOYCASE coupon code at checkout on www.foryournymphomation.com!


Must Have!

My toy collection needs someplace to hide from a large number of prying eyes.. and I believe I've finally found the solution. Check out this new Rolling Toy Trunk by For Your Nymphomation.. it looks fantastic! I'm saving my pennies..

[Toys not included, of course.]


Let Them Eat Cake.

My initial purchase from O' My has been a major success in the bedroom. Who would have ever dreamed of having Strawberry Cheesecake flavored lubricant? Well, me. In fact, I've come to sort of swear by the cute little red bottle sitting on top of my nightstand. It has become a trusty bedside companion, always there waiting diligently for me to push its pump and squirt some lube into the palm of my hand.

From One Happy Valley To Another.

At first sight, intimidating Big Boy certainly lived up to his name as I carefully inspected and held him in my own timid hands. This dildo, much like the last one I’d reviewed from Happy Valley, was incredibly shiny and smooth. Its silver silicone swirls curved up its large shaft ensuring maximum G-spot enjoyment, while at the same time creating perhaps a more true-to-life form.

Provocative Playlist: Goldfrapp.

  1. Twist
  2. Black Cherry
  3. Ride A White Horse
  4. Strict Machine
  5. Ooh La La


The Shower.

She slid her jeans off, down around her ankles and onto the bathroom floor. I watched, mouth watering, wanting to take her right where she stood. I waited. Turned the knobs in my shower.. pulled off my own clothing. CocoRosie was coming through the speakers in my bedroom.. echoing down the hallway. The rain was pouring outside the bathroom window. My mouth found her neck, her collarbone. Pulled her into the shower with me.. pushed her up against the wet shower curtain covered wall. Pressing my naked body against hers, I felt the familiar urgency between my legs. Her hands began to explore each slippery curve of my body.. sliding over my skin and sending chills up and down my spine. My tongue traced over her.. spelling my name on her delicate frame.. working my way down her chest. Biting her gently. Sucking on her nipples. Teasing her.

"Fuck you." She growled.

"Please?" I smirked.

She slid a hand down my side, between my thighs. Turned and pinned me up against the wall. Teased my clit with her fingertips. I threw my head back, my body bending to her touch. Back arched. Eyes on the ceiling. My hands gripped the shower curtain behind me, felt the hot water pouring over us. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub, pulled my hips towards her. Then her tongue was inside of me.. deep inside of me. Legs shaking, I gasped for air. Deeper. My hands were on the back of her head, forcing her to fuck me harder. Harder. Moaning. Shaking. Pulling her hair. Bucking my hips. Gushing into her mouth, I melted onto the floor of the bathtub.


French Connection.

My first fantasy has been published on EF! Check out the teaser below and be sure to read the rest by following the link!

She loved when I spoke in French. I knew very little, but there was something about the way the words came out that made her melt. She admitted to me, legs shaking, that it made her melt.

Taking one of her hands, I placed her fingers lightly on my lips.

Whispered, "Pour vous." I placed them on my chest, letting her feel my heartbeat rapidly fluttering from within. "Pour vous."

I took my own hand, ran my fingers through her hair, down her neck. I stopped at her face, looked into her eyes. Pressed a fingertip to her lips. "Pour moi?" She answered quickly. "Oui." Then again, but this time my hand was on her chest. "Pour moi?" She kissed my lips. "Oui. Pour vous."

My hands, curious as they were, began to trace their way down her body. My fingertips lingered on the warmth of her inner thighs, and immediately radiated heat throughout my entire body. I felt how wet she was. I knew how badly she wanted me. I could tease her no longer.

Read more..


Feline Fierce.

As soon as the Jaguar harness arrived upon my doorstep in its discreet mailing box, I tucked it underneath one arm and hurried upstairs to the privacy of my bedroom. When I pulled it out of its packaging, I realized the sleek leather harness and I were made for each other. I shed my clothing, pulled it on and buckled the straps. It was marvelous, a sexy black Jaguar, indeed. It felt great around my hips, and it looked even better! The arrival of the Jag was perfect, too, because my girlfriend happened to be visiting me that very weekend. I couldn't wait to try it out. I anticipated the weekend, counted down the hours, minutes, seconds until she'd be mine.


She stood still, a figure in my doorway, the sunlight bleeding into my living room from behind her. My eyes traveled over her thin frame.
Seconds later I was on top of her. My hands working frantically; unbuttoning her jeans, pulling down her zipper. I pulled them from her hips, slid them down her thighs and left them to join my own clothing in a pile on the floor. I kissed her neck, bit her earlobe, whispered in her ear with my hot breath on her neck in broken French. Told her how bad I wanted to taste her, saw a smile curl on her lips. Kissed my way down her neck, her chest.
"I want you to beg."
Felt her begin to shake at the feeling of my tongue on her nipples. Teasing her the entire way down.
"Come on, beg. Tell me how bad you want my tongue inside your pussy. Beg me."
She whimpered. "Bad. Really bad. I need you. Please. Ansley.."
I stuck a finger inside her, she began bucking her hips. This was how her body told me that she wanted me. I still wasn't satisfied.
"Ans.. baby.. please.. fuck.." Two fingers. "I need you. Now. Ansley. Fuck."
Three fingers. I wrapped my left arm around her and held her closer to me, fucked her even harder, deeper.
"Tell me what you want." I demanded. Looked down, stared right into those gorgeous eyes. Her face flush, her heartbeat rapid.
".. I.. I want you."
"What do you want me to do?" I asked. Impatient. Craving her taste.
"I want you. I want you to use your tongue. I.. I want you to fuck me with your tongue. Please. Ans.. please.."
I crawled down the bed, licked the insides of her warm thighs. Her legs were shaking. Taking my fingers out, I pushed my tongue inside of her as far as I could reach. I pulled her even closer, pressed her pussy harder against my mouth. My hands around her waist, fingernails scratching the small of her back.
She moaned. "Louder," I insisted.
Her clit was hot, throbbing in my mouth.. I sucked on it.. bit it gently.. just enough to make her squirm. I occupied my tongue with her clit, slid two fingers back inside her.
Ours bodies worked together in harmony, matching the rhythm to the music in the background. My fingers pressed deep inside her hot, soaking wet pussy.. in and out.. in and out. My tongue creating elaborate patterns, dancing on her clit. Feeling her body swell, hearing her moaning stop and her voice begin to crack, I pulled my fingers out and let her fill my mouth with her sweet honey. She was coming. Hard. I tasted her in my mouth.. felt her body shaking underneath mine.
I resumed my position beside her on my bed and held her close, running my fingers through her hair, kissing her forehead.
"I love you."
".. I.. love.. you.."
We laughed. I held her in my arms, listened to her breathing slow down, held her until she fell asleep.