French Connection.

My first fantasy has been published on EF! Check out the teaser below and be sure to read the rest by following the link!

She loved when I spoke in French. I knew very little, but there was something about the way the words came out that made her melt. She admitted to me, legs shaking, that it made her melt.

Taking one of her hands, I placed her fingers lightly on my lips.

Whispered, "Pour vous." I placed them on my chest, letting her feel my heartbeat rapidly fluttering from within. "Pour vous."

I took my own hand, ran my fingers through her hair, down her neck. I stopped at her face, looked into her eyes. Pressed a fingertip to her lips. "Pour moi?" She answered quickly. "Oui." Then again, but this time my hand was on her chest. "Pour moi?" She kissed my lips. "Oui. Pour vous."

My hands, curious as they were, began to trace their way down her body. My fingertips lingered on the warmth of her inner thighs, and immediately radiated heat throughout my entire body. I felt how wet she was. I knew how badly she wanted me. I could tease her no longer.

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